Saturday, January 17, 2009

Whizzing it up!

Who knew whizzing it up could make such a difference. It all started with a very simple recipe from home. Onion, olive oil, red lentils, rice, cumin, lemon juice, salt, pepper and water. A simple easy and practical soup. very tast..... until I had a chat with a colleague of mine who was having a very different looking lentil soup. A none news related conversation led to a new recipe of lentil soup... a mix of a Palestinian and Egyptian versions;tomatoes, squash, onion, garlic lentil and rice cooked in water and chicken stock, cumin, salt, lemon juice and black pepper. When rice and lentils cooked, let it cool .. whizz it in a food processor, add chicken stock as necessary and serve with fresh copped parsley. Enjoy!